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GOH Ep. 278 - Chatting in a Broken Simulation

This week we talk about AMD's "BIG NAVI" RX 6800 GPUs, Ryzen 5000 benchmarks, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, EA is being taken to court everywhere, Halo Infinite lost another game director, Monster Hunter the movie, Destiny 2's latest public event,  and Beyond Light's download and install size. Plus we review The Empty Man and Come Play.     

Close: "bloody valentine" by Machine Gun Kelly     

WMWTGOH Ep. 8 - The Lost Boys

Another great Watching Movies with the GeekOut Heroes episode. This time we'll be watching The Lost Boys together. Go grab your snacks and drink. We'll be here when you're ready.

Movie Start: 00:00:15, just after the WB logo fades to black.

Podcast Movie Sync: 00:04:12

WMWTGOH Ep. 7 - Hell Fest

This is Watching Movies with the GeekOut Heroes where we watch a movie with you while we comment and laugh together. This time we'll be watching Hell Fest (2018). So get your movie ready and grab some snacks and drinks cause it's movie time.      

Movie Start: 00:00:20, just after the Lionsgate logo fades to black     

Podcast Movie Start: 00:05:03

GOH Ep. 277 - I swear I tripped and my code just fell in

This week we talk about why Josiah has to uninstall Baldur's Gate III, why Nvidia may be delaying the rumored 3080 Super and 3070 Ti, and 2K's ridiculous apology for once again inserting ads into the latest NBA 2K.

Close: "A Nightmare On My Street" by D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

GOH Ep. 276 - Your Conversation is in Another Group

Hey Geeks, this week we talk about the problem that is PlayStation Update 8.00, Nvidia throwing in the towel, RTX Supers are nearly guaranteed, where your best shot at getting an RTX card may be from, everyone needs to keep calm down about Zen 3, Microsoft and Gamestop team up, and Disney aims to go fully digital. Additionally, we review Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, Love and Monsters, Batman: Death in the Family, and Never Hike in the Snow.     


Close: "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

GOH Ep. 275 - Crazy Pills

Hey Geeks. This week we talk about calming down expectations of AMD Zen 3, Xbox Series proprietary SSD price, Loach finally watched O'Brother Where Art Thou, Star Wars Squadrons, Baldur's Gate 3, Crisis on Gorgon, Cyberpunk 2077 crunch, Happy Halloween Scooby Doo, Lovecraft Country, Watchmen (HBO), American Horror Story 1984, and The Boys Season 2.     

Close: "Halloween" by Jerry Seinfeld  

GOH Ep. 274 - Catching Pangolins with the GOH

Hey Geeks, sorry for the delay. This week we talk about our now lost podcast, Vargo corrects a mistake we made about Super Mario All-Stars 3D in our previous podcast, bots working for scalpers, hype and putting our own excitement in perspective, AMD boldly believes they won't have the same problems as Nvidia, GOG 2.0 is integrating Epic Game Store purchasing, Peter Parker's facelift, and more.     

Close: "Life: A Fate Worse Than Death" by Settle Your Scores

GOH Ep. 273 - Killer Queen Pricing for the Boys

This week we talk about Xbox pricing, Nintendo Switch 4K(?), fan anger over Super Mario Allstars 3D, Ubisoft's Forward, Ubisoft's CEO apology, Cyber Punk 2077 monetization, Nvidia shows their next generation of GPUs, EA is pissing off everyone, and DC continues the full-woke-train. We also review Marvel's Avengers, Party Hard 2, The Boys, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen.    


Close: "Killer Queen" by Queen

GOH Ep. 272 - Fiery Adventures of the GOH

This week we talk a little about Chadwick Boseman passing away and what we hope for Black Panther in the MCU, BioWare created a self hype video for Dragon Age 4, what caught our interest from GamesCon, Warframe's latest Open World update, and Wasteland 3. Additionally, we review Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons, The New Mutants, and Bill & Ted Face the Music.

GOH Ep. 271 - Kielbasa

This week we talk about the problem with Cuties, allegations towards Rocksteady, Gotham Knights, DC Comics troubles with going woke, Ghost of Tsushima co-op, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 delayed and two key employees let go from the dev team, Battletoads, Spiritfarer, Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes (2020), and Black Myth Wukong.     

Close: "Kielbasa" by Tenacious D

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