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GOH Ep. 159 - Starburst Deathwish.m4a

This week we talk about Baby Driver, IT, and more Destiny.     

Intro: "Inner Light" from Destiny 2      
Close: "Jump On It" by Sir Mix-A-Lot


GOH Ep. 158 - My density has pop me to you

This week we review IT and Destiny 2.     

Intro: George McFly and Lorraine Baines     
Close: "Oh Shit" by The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na


GOH Ep. 157 - Ascend into the Fat Pouch

This week we eat starbursts, review Last Day of June, Mario+Rabbids and Madden 18. We also talk about AMD Vega vs. Nvidia GTX and whether VR is actually a viable medium in the industry.     

Intro: "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys     
Close: "Origins" by Milkman


GOH Ep. 156 - Archaeology is not an STD

This week we review Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Death Note (the movie), The Defenders, and Hitman's Bodyguard. We also talk about Dead by Daylight and is it still worth buying, Vargo addresses a concern for COD WWII, should EA sports stop making NBA games, and EA blames gamers for no more Mass Effect Andromeda support or content. Psst ... EA, you should point that finger towards the people who didn't take that 5 month extension you offered. Just saying.    

Intro: "Let's Dance toJoy Division" by The Wombats     

Close: "Dream On" by Aerosmith


GOH Ep. 155 - Insanity Would be a Vacation

This week we share a few stories, review Annabelle: Creation, The Defenders, Hellblade, we talk about "fundamentally changing" achievements and Loach is finally where everyone else has been for months when it comes to trailers spoiling movies.      

Intro: "Sheriff Carter's Theme (Eureka)" by Bear McCreary     
Close: "Loser" by Beck


GOH Ep. 154 - Atomic Tower

This week we had a special guest for our intro, but after that we talk about The Dark Tower, Atomic Blonde, and Taco Bell's love for Xbox One X.     

Intro: "Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers Theme)" by Gary Portnoy     
Close: "Five Colours In Her Hair" by McFly


GOH Ep. 153 - No, not, nothing

This week we give our review on Valerian, Vargo and Anderson talk about Fortnite, and Josiah finally gives his input on the Destiny 2 beta.     

Intro: "Why Can't We Be Friends" (Cover) by Smash Mouth     
Close: "I'm so Ronery" by Kim Jong-il (Team America)


GOH Ep. 152 - Trailerpocalypse

So SDCC has been dropping a lot of stuff, so we put this together a little on the fly Saturday night. Loach and Vargo talk about some of the big trailers to hit the internet. One of the biggest is Ready Player One and it has us hyped and a little concerned.     

Intro: "This Is How We Do It" by Montel Jordan     
Close: "Right Now" by SR71


GOH Ep. 151 - Uninformed

Hey Geeks, we're back with an unhelpful show that really has nothing for us to talk about, but we had fun anyways. Give it a listen and enjoy?     

Intro: "Jimmy Olsen Blues" by Spin Doctors     
Close: "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz


GOH Ep. 150 - Double Fistin’ Slurpees: DCC’17

This week we talk about DCC'17. Our experiences, our likes and dislikes. We also give our review of Spider-Man: Homecoming and a few gaming news updates.     


Intro: "Geeks" by Hailey Knox     
Close: "All-Star Hipster" by Patent Pending