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GOH Ep. 148 - Surgical Grade Dirt

This is a quick one as we prepare for E3, but honestly has one of the funniest moments in GOH history. This week we review Wonder Woman, The Mommy, Baywatch, Life (not the meaning of, but the movie) and Josiah gets to geek about Battle Tech and Ace Combat 7.     

Intro: "King of Wishful Thinking" by New Found Glory     
Close: "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by New Found Glory


GOH Ep. 147 - Multiverse Problems

This week we review Friday the 13th and Ultra Street Fighter II on the Switch. Nintendo's got problems meeting demand and are actually explaining why. Also Anderson and Vargo talk about their problems with how the DC tv-verse is being handled.     

Intro: "Bullets" by Bob Schneider     
Close: "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon


GOH Ep. 146 - Pass the G.a.S

This week Josiah and Vargo talk about the Games as a Service model that may be applied to Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7. Far Cry 5 was announced, hear our take on it. Josiah gives his first impressions on Dawn of War III. And Vargo reviews the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.     

Intro and Close: "Together (feat. Ledeunff & Blitz the Ambassador)" by C2C



GOH Ep. 145 - Ridley Stop

This week we talk about King Arthur, Alien Convenant, Injustice 2, Xbox One's trouble and the big Destiny 2 reveal.     

Intro: "Spoonman" by Soundgarden    
Close: "Show Me How to Live" by Audioslave


GOH Ep. 144 - Miles come back

This week, we really have nothing to talk about about. Anderson tells us about the second Aliens Audio Drama he listened to. Loach talks about a goat. Vargo reviews Lego City Undercover and gives his thoughts on Supergirl's first season.     

Intro: "Angel's Son" by Sevendust     
Close: "Baby Come Back" by Player


GOH Ep. 143 - We swear because we care

This week we review Prey. Anderson has a few books for you to check out. Miles and Vargo talk about the reveal of Darksiders 3. And Loach learns the significance of Stephen King having written The Running Man. There is none, but it was something he learned.     

Intro: "Slow Me Down" by Default     
Delay: "Waiting" by Green Day     
Intro: "Slow Me Down" by Default     


GOH Ep. 142 - Follow the Apple

This week we talk about Nintendo's "big" reveal. We also talk about Call of Duty WWII and whether going back to the series roots is enough to win us over. Vargo reviews Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Anderson gives his thoughts on the Disney Retro Pack. And the gang ponder what the next generation may have in store for us.     

Intro: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles     
Close: "Get Back" by The Beatles


GOH Ep. 141 - Coconut Mines & Nougat Fields

This week we talk about something that sparked us to speak up on. Anderson tries to review some things. Vargo continues is battle against air and the forces of nature. Miles laughs away the pain of leaving us for another State. And Loach learns how to deal with being related to Mario. Other than that we talk about a view other insignificant things.     

Intro: "Beer" by Seether     
Close: "She Moves in Secret Ways" Polly Paulusma


GOH Ep. 140 - Rag. No, Rock

This week we talk about Yooka-Laylee, the latest update to Mass Effect: Andromeda, Thor, and ... oh yeah, STAR WARS!     

Intro: "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin     
Close: "Smokin'" by Boston


GOH Ep. 139 - Massive Defect

WE BACK! Sorry for the long wait. This week we talk about Xbox Project Scorpio, and review Mass Effect Andromeda, MLB The Show 17, Mighty Morphant Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island and Beauty and the Beast.     

Intro: "MLB The Show 17 Intro" by San Diego Studio     
Close: "A Trail of Hope" by John Paesano and EA Games