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GOH Ep. 142 - Follow the Apple

This week we talk about Nintendo's "big" reveal. We also talk about Call of Duty WWII and whether going back to the series roots is enough to win us over. Vargo reviews Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Anderson gives his thoughts on the Disney Retro Pack. And the gang ponder what the next generation may have in store for us.     

Intro: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles     
Close: "Get Back" by The Beatles


GOH Ep. 141 - Coconut Mines & Nougat Fields

This week we talk about something that sparked us to speak up on. Anderson tries to review some things. Vargo continues is battle against air and the forces of nature. Miles laughs away the pain of leaving us for another State. And Loach learns how to deal with being related to Mario. Other than that we talk about a view other insignificant things.     

Intro: "Beer" by Seether     
Close: "She Moves in Secret Ways" Polly Paulusma


GOH Ep. 140 - Rag. No, Rock

This week we talk about Yooka-Laylee, the latest update to Mass Effect: Andromeda, Thor, and ... oh yeah, STAR WARS!     

Intro: "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin     
Close: "Smokin'" by Boston


GOH Ep. 139 - Massive Defect

WE BACK! Sorry for the long wait. This week we talk about Xbox Project Scorpio, and review Mass Effect Andromeda, MLB The Show 17, Mighty Morphant Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island and Beauty and the Beast.     

Intro: "MLB The Show 17 Intro" by San Diego Studio     
Close: "A Trail of Hope" by John Paesano and EA Games