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GOH Ep. 106 - DCC16 Debrief

We've just finished posting all of the Panels for DCC16 and now we're going to talk about our experience with the Con.


GOH DCC16 - Clark Gregg

Since when is he Clark? Seriously, this was a good panel. Clark was great.

Hail Hydra ;)

GOH DCC16 - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He'll always be Sam and Dean's dad to us, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan has sold us on every roll he's played.


GOH DCC16 - Ladies of Doctor Who with Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman

What can we say that's better than this panel's name? Nothing.


GOH DCC16 - John Barrowman Extravaganza

BEST PANEL OF ANY CON. No joke, "Extravaganza" doesn't do this justice. I have never seen such a joyful soul and even if you don't know who John Barrowman is, please listen to this.


GOH DCC16 - Cary Elwes

You want Cary Elwes? As you wish.


GOH DCC16 - Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell at Denver Comic Con. This is one classy lady.


GOH DCC16 - The Legendary Stan Lee

Listen to the Man, the legend, the original avenger, Stan Lee. Also listen to the dumbest DC (yup, DC) question ever.


GOH DCC16 - Ian Somerhalder

Do you like Vampires that don't glitter? Do you like Ian Somerhalder? Well, look no further. Live from Denver Comic Con 2016.