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GOH Ep. 104 - Charted: We Spoil Everything

SPOILERS AHEAD! This week is an Uncharted 4 spoiler cast. You've been notified.     

Intro: "Drake's Theme 3.0" by Greg Edmonson     
Close: "A Theif's End" by Henry Jackman

GOH Ep. 103 - Four on the floor, three in the back.

This week we keep it basic. We simply geek about Civil War and the MCU.     

Intro: "Until the Sun Comes up (feat. Abhishek Bachchan & Nelly)" by Raghav     
Close: "Last Train" by Allen Toussaint

GOH Ep. 102 - Infinite Stupidity

This week one of us is medicated and the other two are extremely tired. So, this may or may not be entertaining, but we do talk about the Assassin's Creed movie trailer, TV shows getting cancelled, Disney Infinity getting the axe and Vargo gives his in-progress review of Uncharted 4.    

Intro: "You Are Undeniable" by MOS DEF and Marvin Gaye    
Close: "Epilogue" by Henry Jackman

GOH Ep. 101 - Going to the “Liberry”

This week we share some stories, give our Civil War review, plus Overwatch had an open beta, Battleborn came out and hear how they make us worried about what developers are focused on for the future of gaming. Oh and we talk a little Battlefield 1.     

Intro: "Life: A Fate Worse Than Death" by Settle Your Scores     
Close: "500 Miles" (feat. Louise Rademakers) by Jefr Tale

GOH Ep. 100 - Dumbass Heroes: Live

This week's episode is crazy long, but worth it. Seriously, episode 100 couldn't have been more perfect for us. Thank you, to every listener. And a special thank you to those of you who joined in on Facebook for the live show. This week we had a lot of nonsense, but we did talk about the Ratchet and Clank Movie, Lionhead Studios officially closed, VR, and Nintendo's latest announcements.     

Intro: "Opinion Overload" by Simple Plan     
Close: "Time Machine" by Timeflies