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GOH Ep. 89 - We’re all to blame

This week we talk about This War of Mine, Gamestop is publishing an Insomniac game, Conan Exile got a teaser trailer, DC Comics is Reimagining Hanna-Barbera, how everyone is way too sensitive these days, and The Division.     
Intro: "Raise Hell" by Dorothy     
Close: "I Don't Wanna Be Sad" by Simple Plan   

GOH Ep. 88 - The Gang Airs Their Grievances

This week we have no structure. We literally used the hour to talk and have fun. Every now and then something geeky will creep in, but this was mostly us talking about how we communicate with each other.     
Intro: "Take me Home" by Bryce Vine     
Close: "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan 

GOH Ep. 87 - Robotic Interpreter

Alright, this week Vargo was loosing his voice, so he brought an interesting solution for the discussion. Eventually, he broke down and had to talk, which was him basically screaming to be audible. But we managed to put on a good show. We touch quickly on the lose of Alan Rickman and David Bowie. The Blue Mountain State trailer dropped. DiCaprio finally got nominated, but that doesn't matter cause awards are bullshit, as proven by the Golden Globes. We touch on a few other subjects, but we primarily spoke about Ghostbusters, JJ defending Star Wars, and The Division.     
Intro: "It Takes A Seven Nation Army To Hold Us Back" by Apathy      
Close: "Magic Dance" by David Bowie

GOH Ep. 86 - 2015 GOTY and MOTY make a porno

2016. Honestly, we didn't think we'd make it. But here we are. So here's our Games of the Year and Movies of the Year for 2015.     
Intro: "Here We Go" by Lower than Atlantis     
Intermission: "Mighty & High" by Can't Stop Won't Stop     
Close: "I Miss You (Two Friends Remix)" by Blink 182