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GOH Ep. 82 - Prepare for the Future

Hey Geeks! This week we talk bout Fallout 4 (minor sidequest spoilers), Forza 6, Star Wars: Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty: Black-Ops 3, and more Fallout 4.    
Inro: "Fallout 4 Main Theme" by Inon Zur    
Close: "Playing Dead" by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

GOH Ep. 81 - Overrated and Oversaturated

This week we bash Fox News over statements made about Star Wars. Princess Leia is no longer being depicted as a slave. Disney proves they still make dreams come true. We get derailed. Then we talk about Halo 5 and give our final thoughts. Miles talks about Black Ops 3 and the Battleborn Beta. Is VR really the next step or just another Kinect?    
Intro: "Curbside Prophet" by Jason Mraz   
Close: "Breakn' a Sweat (Zedd Remix)" by Skrillex and The Doors

GOH Ep. 80 - Podcast effeciency test 2.0

This week it's just Miles and Vargo. Let's find out if they can handle the job of four. This week's topics: Destiny's festival of the lost. A revisit on the Season Passes conversation from Ep 78. Evolve’s inability to properly name monsters. Tomb Raider’s chances contending with two major titles. Summer is an untapped market. Battlefront, Life is Strange, Syndicate and Halo 5 round out this long list. Also we touch on advertising. Specifically, an article that made the guys laugh?   
Intro: "Two Heads Are Better Than One" by Power Tool   
Close: "Light is Green" by Kazuma Jinnouchi