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GOH Ep. 75 - Are we legend yet?

This week we talk about a few pointless pieces of news, but our real purpose for this cast is to talk about Destiny. What we were promised, what we got and how the Taken King is turning things around.
Intro: "Guardian" by  Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson, Martin O Donnell & Paul McCartney   
Close: "Promise" by Eve 6

GOH Ep. 74 - Late to the Game

This week we talk about Konami halting game production. Star Fox gets pushed back and what that may mean. Kingdom Hearts is getting another fraction added. And we give our quick review of Destiny.
Intro: "Superman" by Goldfinger   
Close: "Take On the World" by Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (Theme from Girl Meets World)

GOH Ep. 73 - Unprepared Convolution

This week we talk about Destiny having a completely different story. Loach brings up sports, so we had to. Vargo explains why he won't buy AC anymore. Godzilla vs. King Kong could be a thing. Star Wars is brought up, so we had to. M. Night may be a decent director. J.K. Rowling continues to seek attention. Campbell's Soup joins the darkside. Bethesda DLC is being planned, but not really announced. Pokemon GO may cause problems. Jessica Jones is briefly talked about. Apple has completely fallen off the cart and Nike is fully committed to making BTTF real.
Intro: "Always Know Where You Are" by John Rzeznik (Original Version)   
Close: "But There's Wolves" by The Dear Hunter

GOH Ep. 72 - We’re your boyfriends now, Nancy.

This week we say goodbye to Wes Craven. A true icon in Hollywood and a staple in the horror genre. We also talk about the new Hulk revealed by Marvel. Some Star Wars news, along with some toys containing "spoilers." We blow Loach's mind (again). Fallout becomes a Monopoly, and has a massive dialogue list. Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 aim to compete for your attention. Forza 6 ad drops and it is awesome. Halo 5's opening cinematic is incredible. Vargo gives his Metal Gear Solid V review. Dr. Who news. Miles reviews Mad Max.
Intro: "Nightmare on Elm Street (Main Title)" by Charles Bernstein   
Close: "Nightmare On My Street" by Fesh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff