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GOH Ep. 64 - The BFE3 Show

This episode is all our take on E3. What we liked, what we didn't and if E3 lived up to expectations. Warning this is over 3 hours of us being super douchie.
Intro: "Atom Bomb Baby" by The Five Stars
Close: "Born to Get Wild (Feat." by Steve Aoki

GOH Ep. 63 - PrE3-Where do we go from here

This week we talk about announcements before E3 hits including the Fallout 4 announcement.
Intro: "Feeling This" by Blink 182
Close: "Fallout New Vegas" by Inon Zur

GOH Ep. 62 - DCC15 Wrap Up

Sorry for the late drop. DCC kicked Vargo's ass when he was trying to get this edited. But here it is, our DCC15  wrap up.
Intro: Us, being our stupid selves
Close: "Summer Jam" by Set Your Goals