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GOH Ep. 33.1 - GeekOut Overload

This week is a 2 part installment. That's right! We got so into ourselves that we ignored you, the listeners, altogether.


GOH Ep. 32 - Tiki Room Challenge

This week DJ takes on the challenge of hosting. So of-course, we don't make it easy. We talk about the Deadpool trailer that got released, Ghostbusters 30th anniversary, and why Destiny has gotten review scores lower than what some people think it deserves.


GOH Ep. 31 - Word scramble

This week DJ keeps us on task for a change, but has a hard time speaking. We talk about Captian America news, the Vision is revealed, Batman shows off his new ride and promptly loses it. Plus, "Buy, Borrow or Bin" is back.
Opening music by Asheru
Closing music by Two Friends

GOH Ep. 30 - Insert joke here

This week we talk about some comic news from tv shows to movies, a few game announcements, the Robin Williams World of Warcraft memorial and Hollywood suffers another lose.